Carrizalez - Rucker Detention Center
Cameron County / Brownsville, TX

Area:100,000 + SF, 600 + Beds

Construction Cost:$14,000,000

Services Provided:
Design, Bidding, Contracting and Construction Administration Services for all design disciplines; Architecture, Structural, MEP and Civil Engineering along with Life Safety and Security Design services.

This project is a $14,000,000 renovation and addition to an existing detention center. The project includes remediation of the existing facility to bring the detention center into compliance with the requirements of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards and to cure construction deficiencies for life safety, accessibility, weather serviceability and security. AGUIRRE RODEN’s work includes hardening the existing facility for detainee escape prevention, HVAC renovations, detainee segregation by classification and increased staff security.

The addition will include 300+ beds with support facilities in the “direct supervision” management by the Sheriff’s department, increase the capacity of kitchen, infirmary, laundry and related components. The new construction will increase visitation facilities for families and legal counsel and will include a new courtroom for arraignment with facilities for judge, district attorney, parole officer and for media and public access.

Carrizalez - Rucker Detention Center

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